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Better Pets with Dr. Andrea Dennis

  • Foods to Avoid​
  • Emergency Preparedness / Fleas
  • Inappropriate Urination
  • Picking out the Best Gift for your Pet
  • Protecting Your Pet Against Heartworm
  • Protect Your Pets from the Cold
  • Helping your Aging Pet stay Active
  • Fireworks and Your Pet.....what You should Know
  • How to De-Skunk your Pet


Past show TOPICS

It is Christmas time once again. What toys should I get for my pets? Which ones should I stay away from?

Dr. Andrea Dennis will discuss this, and other holiday topics, on the Better Pets segment of Better CT this Friday, December 14th with Kara Sundlun and Scot Haney at 3:00 pm on WFSB Channel 3.

Also, after seeing the heartbreaking clips of "Sully", the loyal service dog of President George H. W. Bush, she will pay a tribute to all service dogs who make life better for so many people. Don't miss it........and tell a friend.

​​​Dr. Dennis will join Kara Sundlun and Scot Haney every other Friday on Better CT on WSFB Channel 3 at 3:00 pm, in the feature "Better Pets".