For over 15 years now, Pet Talk has been on the air live every Saturday from 2:00 - 3:00 PM on NewsTalk 1080. Listen to Dr. Andrea Dennis and Dr. Eva Ceranowicz, who not only expertly answer your questions pertaining to your pet, but also provide listeners with current, relevant, and interesting topics in pet healthcare and animal issues.

More than just a call-in show, Pet Talk continues to bring in special guests to inform its listeners and entertain them. Past guests on the show include Senator Richard Blumenthal, Raymond Connors from the State of Connecticut Department of Agriculture, forensic veterinarians, animal experts from both Mystic and Boston Aquariums, Hall of Fame Basketball Coach Jim Calhoun, drug manufacturers like Pfizer, Merial, Nutramax, and Merck, local veterinarians, authors, pet insurance experts, local radio and T.V. personalities, and Broadway/ television actor Ernie Sabella to name a few. Tune in this week to see who visits the studio. 

If you want to listen in, grab a cup of coffee and a pen and paper. If you have a question for our esteemed veterinarians, join the show by calling 1-800-966-WTIC or *WTIC for AT&T wireless users.

You can also listen to past shows (podcasts) by clicking here. Either way you are sure to enjoy the show and learn a few things along the way.

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